Result delay affects BU students' job prospects

Result delay affects BU students' job prospects

The Botany department has not released the results two months after the examination, while students of other departments have got their results and even secured jobs.
“We have been forced to sit at home for the last two months. The entire class submitted a written complaint to the BU vice-chancellor and the registrar. We received an acknowledgement too. But nothing has come of it,” said Ayesha (name changed to protect identity), one of the affected students.

The students were done with their theory exam for four subjects and practical tests for two by July 8. Ideally, the results should have been announced after two weeks.
“We were told we would get the results in two weeks. In fact, the students of Zoology and Molecular Biology got their results within 20 days,” Ayesha said.

Students complained that their results were withheld due to delay in awarding internal marks for Paper B 401, Methods in Plant Science.

“The lecturer, R Nijagunaiah, has taken  only two classes for the entire semester. He has not completed the syllabus. We had to make notes for the subjects ourselves. Besides, the internal marks for all subjects are usually announced before the exams, but this time the marks were announced much late after the exams,” said Rekha (name changed), another student.

The department head, Dr Ambika, took signatures of about 13 students on a blank paper without giving any explanation for doing so, alleged some students.

Ambika told Deccan Herald that the information given to the media was misleading.
Vice-Chancellor Dr N Prabhu Dev said a three-member committee was formed last week after they received complaints from the students. “We have ordered an inquiry into the delay,” he said.