Namma Metro crosses last hurdle

Namma Metro crosses last hurdle

Namma Metro crosses last hurdle

Speaking to Deccan Herald from Secunderabad, Singh said: “They (Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited - BMRCL) can begin commercial operations any time. I have sent the final clearance at about 5 pm today (Friday).”

Singh, who conducted the safety inspection earlier this month, said he had issued the authorisation with certain observations. One of the key observations was on  the speed limit. “I have reduced the maximum speed at which metro trains could run by 10 per cent for precautionary reasons as the curves on the stretch are very sharp and the BMRCL does not have en­ou­gh data on how the trains can ma­nage at the curves,” he said.

This would mean that the train would run at a maximum speed of 67.5 kmph on straight lines and 40.5 kmph on curves, as opposed to 75 and 45 permitted by the Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO), Lucknow, which had conducted test runs before the CMRS inspected the project.

There is also a rule that prevents trains to travel at more than 45 kmph while entering and exiting the stations.

However, Singh said the reduction in the speed limit would only be for about six months.“They have been as­ked to monitor rail and wheel wear for six months after wh­ich I can take a fresh look into the maximum speed,” he said.

Sources said Singh had asked BMRCL to inform him about the opening date of the project and told them that the project can be thrown open within two months of the Corporation receiving the clearance from him.

Further, Singh has also observed that there must be an experienced supervisor accompanying train operators for the first three months, keeping in view the safety of passengers. The BMRCL has over 85 train operators who have been trained extensively by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). Sources in the BMRCL say the Corporation has obtained clearance to operate seven trains and that initially these will operate only between 8 am to 8 pm with a general frequency of 8-10 minutes between trains.

With all the required hurdles crossed, the BMRCL can technically throw open reach-1 of the Namma. However, the State government’s long-standing wish to have the Prime Minister inaugurate the project might see the commercial operations only by Diwali (October 25).