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Aviation adventures

How does one mummify a fighter jet? What do you get when a military test pilot and an amateur small craft enthusiast join forces and take to the skies? Get your answers as an unlikely duo of an air force pilot Captain Robert J Reichert (aka Rooster) and filmmaker Mark Miller get together in this new series on Discovery Turbo — Air Dogs. Bringing a high-octane aviation adventure, Air Dogs will air every Tuesday at 9.30 pm on Discovery Turbo. Join Rooster and Miller in a daring quest to fly the fastest, the oldest and most unusual planes in each episode of the show, taking their love of aviation to the next level — sweet-talking their way into the cockpit of their dream aircraft — all in an attempt to get behind the stick and take the controls during flight. This show is for all those people who love the thrill of speed.

Brewing stories

Meet Sam Calagione — maverick, family man, entrepreneur and an ambassador to the world of craft beer. Brewing up batches of oddly-named craft beers and convincing people to drink them is all part of a day’s work. Each week on Brew Masters, we’ll follow Sam across America and around the globe as he explores new ingredients and techniques, and collaborates with other craft brewers who inspire him towards new ideas. Catch an episode of the show on TLC, tonight, at 10.30 pm.

Culinary masters

MasterChef Australia Season 3 started off with thousands of budding cooks from around Australia applying for their chance to win the coveted title. From university students, farmers, trades people, teachers and stay-at-home mums to doctors, lawyers, engineers and accountants, they had one common ingredient that connected them — their love of food. Watch Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston mentor amateur cooks who battle it out to win the competition. Right from incredible challenges in mines to time-pressure challenges with mystery boxes filled with exotic ingredients, this is an apprenticeship into the fiery world of cooking that certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted. Watch the show, Monday to Friday, at 9 pm on Star World.