Theatre is new attraction to me: Gulzaar

Theatre is new attraction to me: Gulzaar

"I have stopped directing films because it involves so much of time...and I had so much in my head to pour out in books. There were so many things I wanted to do besides film, amongst them new attraction is theatre," Gulzaar told newsmen.

"The idea of theatre honestly I admit came from Salim Jafri," he said. Jafri, is an alumnus of National School of Drama and is known for his theatrical productions.

"However, I shall remain linked to cinema and shall be doing song writing because literature unfortunately is still not very remunerative in our country. So, I would continue and it is films that can give me money to keep my way of life going," Gulzaar said.

"Among other things to do shall be writing for children, translating from Tagore, translating two Gujarati poets including Sudhanshu Bhai," Gulzaar said.

"I want that Tagore should be taught in schools to our children and these type of things cannot be done along with filmaking," he said.

Gulzar, was here for Roobaroo, an evening in conversation with him, a two-hour show that takes audiences to the forty year journey he spanned in literature and cinema.

Gulzar, 74, directed several movies in 1970s and 1980s, including Parichay, Khushboo, Aandhi, Angoor, Ijaazat and Libaas.