It's time for traditional games

It's time for traditional games

Mysore Dasara Sports Sub-committee on Saturday had the pride in bringing back the traditional games, facilitating people conserve the tradition-rolling of the dice for pagade, and jumping boxes for kuntebille among several others.

Hardwicke School grounds provided a perfect platform with young and old alike engrossed in playing the games with finesse, especially those who still make time for the very games just to beat the boredom.

When cricket has catapulted to be the only meaning for sports, this initiative on the part of the organisers deserved a pat.

Onti kaalina ota

Minister Ramdas, accompanied by zilla panchayat president Suneetha Veerappa Gowda, vice-president Shivaram and others also plunged into the field, participating in onti kaalina (single leg) race.

The minister also explained about the significance of the particular race, which also has a lesson for life. ‘One can understand the importance of two legs only during adverse situations’.

Suneetha Veerappa Gowda said that the games helped her relive her childhood memories.
The two-day event, that concludes on Sunday, also has- aligulimane, kanna muchcale (hide and seek), haggada ota (100 metre skipping race), kambada ota.