We are alive and fine: Virus-positive people

Emphasising on the ground reality, RGICD Director Dr Shashidhar Buggi said, "People need to understand that a majority of the positive cases have been treated and recovered. The number of deaths is only one per cent.”

Atul Kulkarni (48), who tested positive on June 16, said that he developed sore throat a day earlier and checked into a hospital for the H1N1 check-up. When his results came positive, he was admitted to RGICD.  "I had high fever and body ache on the first day and was under medication. However, I felt normal later. But I suffered a relapse on the fifth day and was given Tamiflu dose for another five days."  He said the chances of complications are less if the incidence of the virus is detected in the primary stage.

Seema’s daughter, Namrata Rao (6), tested positive for H1N1 on August 6 and was discharged from Lakeside Hospital on Wednesday. Reliving her nightmarish experience, she says, "Everyday, I would hear the news of more deaths on the television. So I was really worried," she said. Yet, she urges other parents not to panic. "I know it's hard not to get scared, but parents should channelise their energies towards finding a hospital, where their child can be treated,” the mother said. 

Ramesh, father of little Lakshmi, said that he did not feel scared when his daughter's results were positive following a light fever. "She is doing fine now,” he added.
(Names have been changed to protect identity)

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