'Part of Libyan money for Pak N-secrets transferred to India'

'Part of Libyan money for Pak N-secrets transferred to India'

Libya gave USD 5 million to two of the Dubai-based confidants of disgraced Pakistani nuclear scientist A Q Khan in lieu of drawings and designs of nuclear technology and plants, according to the ISI report on Islamabad's illegal export of nuclear technology, obtained and released by the Fox News today.

The two individuals were identified as Farooq and Tahir, who were Tamils of Sri Lankan origin and both of whom lived in Dubai and worked secretly for A Q Khan for his clandestine nuclear missions.

"The Libyans gave Farooq/Tahir USD 5 million, some of which they gave to (one) Dr Niazi, some they transferred to India, Singapore etc and some was put in the account of the fictitious Haider Zaman," says the ISI report.

"Some money from this account was used by Tahir for payments to suppliers etc and some was again donated for social, welfare and educational projects in Pakistan run by Dr Khan," it said. There is no further reference to the Indian trail of the money.

"Farooq (Sri Lanka) was the main contact with the Libyans through Dr Niazi. He brought the suppliers in contact with them and gave copies of all the drawings etc which Dr A Q Khan had kept in Dubai for discussions with the suppliers," the ISI report said.

"These drawings also included those of the device, as Dr Khan was ordering components from England, Switzerland etc. His own old notes were also kept there for necessary use. Farooq and/or Tahir had access to the flat (where these things were kept) as they were maintaining it and they must have given copies of all the papers to the Libyans," the ISI said.