Reddy-Lad nexus on CBI radar

Reddy-Lad nexus on CBI radar

Kharapudi Mahesh, Ali Khan continue to evade the agency

The premier investigating agency had issued notices to STD Manjunath, Kharapudi Mahesh and Swastik Nagaraj to appear before it for inquiry.

The CBI had raided the houses of Manjunath, who is alleged to have indulged in ‘risk transport’ of illegally mined ore for several years now, in Sandur, Kharapudi Mahesh and Swastik Nagaraj on September 19.

Manjunath on receiving the notice appeared before the CBI in Hyderabad the very next day, whereas Swastik Nagaraj appeared before it three days later.

However, Kharapudi Mahesh, who is alleged to have stored the financial transactions of Janardhana Reddy in a CD, has not appeared before the CBI and is said to have gone into hiding immediately after Reddy’s arrest.

Also, Ali Khan, a close aide of Reddy, has not appeared before the investigating agency, giving rise to rumours that he might have left the country.

On September 20, the CBI interrogated Manjunath, who appeared before it at its office in Hyderabad, regarding his acquaintance with Janardhana Reddy, reasons for severing ties with Anil Lad and the business relationship between Reddy and the Congress leader.

According to sources, the officers, who have now secured information about Reddy conducting joint mining operations with Anil Lad, are trying to investigate if Reddy had forged a relationship with Anil Lad before starting mining operations in Sandur.

It is also said that the CBI, which subjected Swastik Nagaraj to intense grilling for two days, has arrived at pivotal information.

Raids continue

The CBI, which raided the OMC office in the district on Sunday morning, has seized important documents and a hard disk.

Three teams of CBI are stationed in the district.