Facelift for Mandya remains distant dream

Facelift for Mandya remains distant dream

The city lies on the Bangalore-Mysore highway, so visitors to Mysore Dasara also cannot miss the sight of the city. But neither the district administration nor the city municipal council (CMC) have taken any steps to beautify it.

The highway is highly neglected. Huge flex hoardings that have been put up to wish birthdays of leaders, to welcome leaders or for other political or publicity purpose at major circles and junctions are an eyesore.

Sure, they bring revenue to the CMC, but most of the councillors are against them and they raised the issue at the CMC meeting.

However, no action has been taken against them. Some of the government offices, the compounds of which are ‘adorned’ by ugly film posters, are located on the highway. Neither the departments concerned nor the CMC has taken any action to remove them and keep the premises clean.

Apart from these problems, the dividers on the highway pose a danger to vehicles and their occupants. Some electric poles have collapsed on the dividers, creating a death trap.

There is nothing green about the plants and bushes grown on the dividers. Accumulated dust on them gives a pathetic look, most of them have withered. But those which have not withered have overgrown and stretch over the road space — causing a problem to vehicles.