Roof-top train travel kills five youths

Roof-top train travel kills five youths

Victims were on way to take exams on Sunday

These youths were travelling on the Gwalior-Udaipur Intercity Express to reach different examination centres to appear for the Patwari entrance exam to be held on Sunday. The crash was so severe that police found blood stains in places as far as 100 km.  The bodies were recovered near Bhilwara railway station.

The Gwalior- Udaipur Intercity reached Ajmer railway station at 1:25 am Saturday night in which hundreds of students were found sitting on the roof top. Sources said on way to Bhilwara from Ajmer railway station, the youth sitting on the roof were hit by the foot-over- bridge of Gadi Malyan, some two km from the main platform. “We made the announcement on platform that passengers should not travel on roof top.

We had also tried to bring them down but there was heavy protest by the youth,” claimed Suresh Maharaniya, the Station House Officer, GRP. He added that efforts were made during midnight to make the youth understand the risk of travelling on roof top and the danger of low-level bridges ahead but they did not listen.  Upon receiving information of the accident around 4 am, the administration swung into action.

A police team was sent to inspect the overbridges and it was found that the incident occurred beneath the Gadi Malyan Bridge situated on the Madar-Daurai bypass. The bridge was not lit and police also found blood stains spread across the area. According to eye witnesses there was a thud and blood was spattered on about five to six coaches. The passengers were shouting for help but the train sped on, they alleged.