Infectious energy in the air

Infectious energy in the air

Incredible voices

Earlier this year, the competition had seen a huge turnout at the auditions conducted at various colleges like Jain University, National College, Mount Carmel College, Surana College and at Infosys, Tesco, Patni Computers among others.

After five intermediary rounds, it was time for eight participants to fight for a place in the finals. It was a treat to watch the youngsters perform in front of professionals and prove their mettle. The venue was the atrium at the Garuda Mall. Every floor of the mall was jam-packed. And more than just the sheer number, it was the energy in the air which was infectious.

The area near the stage was filled with supporters of the singers who had come to watch the event and also to support the outstanding participants who had withstood the stringent rounds and come so far. In the semi-finals, the singers showcased their talent in front of playback singer Rajesh Krishnan and music directors Harikrishna and V Manohar, who were the judges for the evening. Film director Shashank was the special guest.

The crowd went crazy as the stars graced the stage and wished luck to the participants. The competition had two rounds. In the first round, the participants had to sing Kannada songs.

The first singer, Madhu Kashyap, sang the song Naadamaya, which was well-received by the audience. After this, came Suchitra, who sang Manmatha Neenena, and soon the show was in full flow.

The other participants, Krishna, Shriraksha, Govind, Pragya, Nitin and Mithila, sang songs like Ninna Nodalentho, Chandramukhi Pranasakhi, Aata Hudugaatavo, Poojisalende, Ee Pada and Omkara. Though the judges were supportive of the new talent, they also offered the right criticism to the budding singers. In the second round, which was the Hindi songs round, the participant sang songs like Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Bheege Bheege, Jhoote Naina Bole among others.

The show was highly enjoyable as the young singers sang some of the most melodious songs from Kannada and Hindi films. While the eight participants fought hard, it was only six who could make it to the finals.

The finalists were Shriraksha Krishnamurthy, Suchitra Giridharan, Nitin Acharya, Madhu Kashyap, Pragya Patra and Krishna Mukhedkar. The winners were visibly overjoyed as they completed a milestone in the contest. The show ended with the judges congratulating the winners and those who did not qualify for the finals.