Broken railings cause threat

Broken railings cause threat

In one of the recent incidents, a tanker fell down the gorge, in front of Kavadi Uma Maheshwari temple where the road does not have a side railings and retaining wall.

Despite the residents demanding for the wall since a long time it has not been met, showing the sheer apathy of the authorities concerned.

Another dangerous spot is the steep near Uluvebail Government Higher Primary School. The railings of the mini bridge near Anegunda, Sanklapura mini bridge, bridge near Thorehadlu and many other spots have been damaged completely, posing threat to pedestrians and vehicle users.

Thousands of passengers travel through this road as the same road leads to the famous pilgrim centres in Sringeri. This stretch of road sees maximum number accidents.

Despite news papers publishing the issue several times, the departments concerned have not taken cognisance of the same.

In fact, whenever the local residents bring the issue to the notice of the officials they pretend as though they have nothing to do with the issue, complain the residents.