Top cop 'rules' out promotion of Mane

Top cop 'rules' out promotion of Mane

Director General and Inspector General of Police N Achutha Rao clarified to Ashoka in a letter that a government rule cannot permit such a move.

A host of IPS officers termed Ashoka’s move “demoralising” and that it would come in the way of eligible officers’ promotion.

Governor H R Bhardwaj wrote a letter on May 26 last year, to then chief minister B S Yeddyurappa requesting him to promote Mane to the IPS cadre considering his services.

However, the request was not granted.

On September 2 this year, Ashoka wrote to DG&IGP Achutha Rao seeking his opinion on the issue. In the letter, Ashoka pointed out that Mane had served as ADC and was promoted as SP as well. However, he is continued as ADC rank officer.

According to a Central Home Department Order, any officer holding ADC rank could be considered as belonging to the Civil Police Force.

Mane is an able and honest officer and possesses all skills to discharge the duties of an IPS officer, Ashoka stated in the letter.

He sought Rao’s opinion regarding shifting Mane from the Armed Reserve Police Force to Civil Police Force with retrospective effect from November 5, 1997.

DG says no

However, in reply to the Home Minister’s letter, Rao has stated that the minister’s request could not be considered due to a government order. Civil Police Force and Armed Reserve Police Force are constituted for different purposes.

Civil police possess expertise in prevention and detection of crimes and taking steps to ensure law and order situation. Hence, DySP rank officers are posted at districts. But, officers of Armed Reserve Police will not have this expertise.

“Armed Reserve Police Force officers are trained in staff management and such other issues. A government order clearly states that only officers equivalent to Civil Police Force could be considered for promotion. Armed Reserve Police Force is not equivalent to Civil Police Force. Hence, Mane can’t be shifted to Civil Police Force,” Rao has stated in the letter.

It is improper on Minister Ashoka’s part to make efforts to promote Mane despite rules going against him, Rao has said.