Mangalore Dasara from today

Mangalore Dasara from today

Speaking to media persons on Monday, he informed that Nava Durga and Sharada Devi idols will be installed in the temple on September 28. The city based businessman Ramesh Kumar and his wife Urmila Ramesh Kumar will inaugurate the Navaratri celebrations on the same day. A website- www.kudroli containing all the details of Kudroli temple will be launched on September 29. Congress leader B Janardhana Poojary will launch the website.

The newly built ‘Ratha Mandira,’ a shelter for the silver chariot donated by businessman Ramesh Kumar couple will be inaugurated on September 30. Union Aviation Minister Vialar Ravi will inaugurate Mangalore Dasara on October 2 at 6.30 pm, informed Harikrishna Bantwal.

Speaking about a novel initiative taken up by the temple authority, Harikrishna said that a special Chandika Homa will be held on October 3, in which widows from Hindu community who are leading their lives as untouchables would participate. “It is an initiative to bring some kind of social reform. Widows are treated with disrespect in Hindu religion, but the temple authority will invite widows to the temple, offer them sari, bangles, flower and vermillion to break the traditions.

They will also be allowed to pull the chariot seated by the God.” He also informed that the temple would sponsor the marriage ceremony if any men come forward to marry the widows.  

Mangalore Dasara procession will be held on October 6 and the procession would start at sharp 4.30 pm. “None of the trucks carrying tableau are allowed to stop anywhere. They should keep moving. The police would seize those trucks which would stop during the procession,” he said.

Cultural programmes will be held on every day evening from September 28 to October 5.