Reciprocation strengthens bonds

Reciprocation strengthens bonds

For instance, say, at a time while you’d have been pegging away with interminable office work, (or even grappling with grueling, sundry domestic tasks); some good soul, with timely help, would have stepped into the breach, to mitigate your physical strain.

Or, when you would have been stuck with a sticky wicket, being ensnared in some mental trauma, someone would have lent succour with comforting words, thereby buttressing your sagging spirits, pepping up your distressed mind, and perking up your over-all mood. Or, when you’d have been embroiled in some sort of mind-scrambling mess, someone by way of suggesting prudent moves, would have helped you to extricate yourself out of that gruesome tangle. Or, when you’d have been in egregious financial straits, someone would have bankrolled for your current expenditures, besides bailing you out of that financial crunch.  Well, how many of us try reciprocating these timely help that we’d have received from friends? Perhaps many aren’t aware of the fact that our ‘reciprocal act’ spawns multiple positive effects.

One is that, when you reciprocate someone’s good gesture towards you, you’d be inundated by ineffable peace to think that you too, in your own way, have been a  benefactor, instead of having remained a mere beneficiary, battening on someone’s favour.

Secondly, the person, to who you’d be reciprocating, too feels elated to know that his/her help is acknowledged and appreciated, besides making him/her feel important. For instance, say, as a guest, if you have stayed at someone’s place for some days, then treating your host to a sumptuous spread of scrumptious delicacies, will surely make him/her feel singularly special. This reciprocity would serve as impetus to such helpful humans, to indulge in more thoughtful acts.

Thirdly, by these reciprocal acts, you’d be forging sturdier bonds with friends/relatives, thus weaving a strong human web around you. Note, these bonds, which proffer you with a sense of security, solace and comfort, is like an antidote to all mental tensions in this stress-fraught world.

Apparently, the unique joy derived out of fostering these bonds can’t be bought from shops, even if you’d barter away all the wealth you possess!  Reciprocal act should be done to convey your genuine thanks.

So, when you get a chance to reciprocate, just grab the golden opportunity. In case you miss it, perhaps those lost moments could be irretrievable!