Superstitious father turns blood-sucking vampire

Superstitious father turns blood-sucking vampire

Gory act

Netrapal Singh, a “tantrik” (exorcist), who used to draw blood from the body of humans and offer that to a deity to gain supernatural powers, is now cooling his heels in a jail.
The hapless victims of his eccentric ways was his wife and minor sons Virendra and Sanju.  

The “tantrik” was caught by the villagers on Monday while he was trying to extract blood from the body of his seven-year-old son Sanju at a secluded place near Godarpur village in Uttar Pradesh's Mathura district, about 400 kilometres from here.

He was beaten up black and blue by the villagers and was later handed over to the police.

Netrapal, who used to conduct special poojas at a local temple during night, had been advised by his guru that he could attain “siddhi” if he offered human blood to the deity every Monday.

For the superstitious tantrik, family members  were the easy target.

“Netrapal  used to inflict injuries on his wife to collect blood for pooja. His terrified wife, however, left him for good,” villagers said.

 This has prompted Netrapal  to pounce upon his sons.

“Every Monday, my father would draw blood from our body,” said Sanju as he showed injuries on his arms and back to the police.

“He used to thrash us whenever we tried to resist. On some occasions, he tied us on a tree and then drew blood,” he added.  

The terrified children had no other option, but to run away from home to save themselves.

Though they made an effort on Monday, they were caught by Netrapal near the village. The villagers, however, saw him trying to force the children and saved them.

The police officials said they are probing the matter and promised stern action against  Netrapal if the allegations are found to be true.

There have been many incidents in UP, especially in the backward and remote districts, when the people sacrificed themselves or their children to attain “siddhi.”


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