Drafting of H-K history hits a writers' block

Drafting of H-K history hits a writers' block

The decision to draft the history of the region, especially the freedom struggle and its rule under the autocratic Nizam of Hyderabad, was taken on September 17, 2009, when B S Yeddyurappa was chief minister.

A year later, on the occasion of the Hyderabad-Karnataka Liberation Day celebration, Yeddyurappa announced formation of a seven-member committee, chaired by poet Dr Vasant Kushtagi.

The Higher Education department issued an order on September 17, 2010, stating that a seven-member committee was constituted to chalk out a blueprint for the establishment of a Hyderabad-Karnataka Study Chair in Gulbarga University for drafting the history of the region.

No official communication

But, to this day, the university has not received any official communication.

None of the departments concerned has extended the support nor has the government released the grants for the work, rending the committee ineffective.

Kushtagi brought this to the notice of the chief minister in 2010, seeking infrastructure, staff and other facilities to begin the work.

“Drafting the history of the region is a daunting task. We need a board of editors to carry out field work, writing, recording, analysing, reviewing and finally, publishing the work,” said Kushtagi.

He suggested that a senior KAS cadre officer be appointed member-secretary of the committee.

Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda raised the issue of writing the history of the region again during the H-K Liberation Day celebrations in September this year.

He announced a grant of Rs 50 lakh to the committee and promised that the Hyderabad-Karnataka Development Board would assist the committee.

The chief minister is yet to act on his promise.