Chinese incursion issues are resolved amicably: India

Chinese incursion issues are resolved amicably: India

"We have a very long boundary. The Line of Actual Control hasn't been delineated. There is a difference of perceptions," Vishnu Prakash, spokesperson of the external affairs ministry, told mediapersons here.

He was asked about reports of recent intrusions by Chinese troops into near Leh in Jammu and Kashmir.

"From time to time patrols stray across to the other side. We have a very good mechanism to resolve these issues. Issues are taken up and resolved amicably," he said.

"The India-China boundary is one of the most peaceful and tranquil boundaries we have," he said.

While returning from New York, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Tuesday said China had done nothing on the border about which India should be worried.

"They (China) have assured us that they have done nothing to harm the interests of India. Evidence also supports that nothing has happened on the border about which we should be worried," he said.

Earlier this week, Defence Minister A.K. Antony said New Delhi had communicated to Beijing about the incursion through diplomatic channels.

Antony blamed 'perception' for Chinese incursions.
"Sometimes their troops enter our territory... sometimes our people go there. It is due to differences in perception," Antony said.

He said the government had decided to constitute a mechanism to resolve the border issue. The mechanism will be in place in a few months.

On Aug 25, Chinese troops were reported to have entered Indian territory in Chumar division of Nyoma sector, about 300 km from Leh.

The troops, according to reports, destroyed some tents of grazers and also painted rocks with the 'red star' - the insignia of the People's Liberation Army.