Can Appu work up the magic of Annavru?

Can Appu work up the magic of Annavru?

Raj, the Showman releases across the world today

A still from Raj...

Will papa’s favourite son Appu deliver?

Will the Power Star actor pack the necessary punch to draw the crowds in droves? Will Prem work his magic at the movie marquee? Will the Prem and Puneeth duo set the cash registers ringing and bring good news for the industry?

Well, these and several other pretty posers pop up as mercurial director Prem’s and affable Puneeth’s Raj, the showman, lights up the theatres on Friday.

Simultaneously hitting the celluloid screens in as many as nine countries besides all over Karnataka, Raj, the showman, has mega bucks riding on it. In what could be termed as a make or break prospects for the Kannada film industry, whether the twin Ps deliver a much needed hit is indeed moot.

The team of Raj, the showman, has indeed, in a first of sorts, have taken a great gamble with an ambitious global release. From nine cities in UK, six in the US, two Down Under, the three emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Ajman of the United Arab Emirates, two in Canada, besides Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and Indonesia. This, not to speak of the over 120 theatres in the State, Puneeth Rajkumar has indeed fortunes riding on his magical persona. Will he be true to the faith that Prem has reposed in him? For now though, it’s all fingers crossed as the audiences verdict is awaited after Friday, first day, first show. 

Talking to Deccan Herald on the eve of the release, a highly excited Prem said it is with a mixture of happiness and fear he awaits the audience’s response.

“I hope I won’t disappoint my audiences,” he said, adding the highest budgeted film (Rs 7-7.5 crore) had already reaped its revenues with theatres mopping it up for fancy figures of Rs 10-15 lakh as against the normal Rs 3 lakh.

“It’s really a history of a kind in Kannada cinema,” Prem said hoping it would live upto the expectations it has whipped up.