'Follow Sarvajna to resolve problems'

'Follow Sarvajna to resolve problems'

Installing the statue of Sarvajna alone would not be sufficient; everyone should follow his preachings and respect each other, the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister said.

Karunanidhi, referring to one of Sarvajna’s vachanas in his presidential remarks, said he was revolutionary poet with progressive ideas. “With his revolutionary thoughts, he transcended the barriers of caste and religion.”

Terming the statue a symbol of unity between the two states, he said a conducive atmosphere between the two states was emerging. He pointed out that a few people were envious of the atmosphere. However, he did not mention any names.

As Yeddyurappa referred to Karunanidhi as his elder brother, he responded saying many in the party were like his younger brothers, and he would be glad to have one more younger brother. After the unveiling ceremony, Karunanidhi and Yeddyurappa went to the Jeeva park, where the statue has been installed, and offered flowers.

Pooja, homa

The statue in Jeeva Park was unveiled after the traditional pooja and homa. Kannada Sneha Sangha's president Attavara Ramdas had invited a team of priests to perform homa at the venue. Ramdas said it was the custom to conduct homa after any sculpture work.

The priests performed homa early in the morning. Nearly 20 sculptors had worked for 20 days to beautify the park.