Amoolya feels at home in heritage city

Amoolya feels at home in heritage city



For actress Amoolya, Mysore is not just a town in the neighbourhood of Bangalore, the city she lives in, but also a second home.

The reason is: unlike Bangalore, it has friendly people, who still have tonnes of respect for artistes. Instead of barging into the sets, Mysoreans quietly prefer to enquire about the artistes — patience that’s what makes Mysoreans differ from others.

When City Herald roped in her for an interview on the sidelines of her recent visit to the city, to promote her recent release ‘Manasalogy’, Amoolya was more than willing. She has regrets (palpable on her face) for not witnessing ‘Jamboo Savari’.

However, she was on cloud nine for reaching another mark in her realm. She has launched a home production thru ‘Manasalogy’, with her elder brother Deepak Aras making his debut as a director.

“We were extremely professional. Never did the blood relation prove advantageous or disadvantageous in the making of the movie,” said Amoolya. Both were busy doing their roles, It was a perfect family atmosphere with a guest in Rakesh of ‘Josh’ fame. Rakesh has played the male lead.

Aras said the screenplay was written only for his sister, as the story revolves around the feelings of youngsters. It’s also inspired by a real life incident, he added.
Although the movie opened to mixed response, Aras has no qualms about it. “When Yogaraj Bhat made ‘Mani’, there were few takers. When Upendra made ‘A’ more than roses, he got brickbats,” he says.

When asked what compelled him to go for a home production, he owes it to Gandhinagar, the heart and soul of Sandalwood. “You have to pay for your own experiment,” says Aras.

Amoolya, who is right now concentrating on education, is doing her first year B Com in Mount Carmel College.

Education is also one of the reasons for her disappearing from the screen after ‘Nanoo Nanna Kanasu’ where she acted with biggie Prakash Raj.

She is ready to play a role akin to that of Aishu in ‘Cheluvina Chittara’, which people still remember her for. All the best Amoolya.