Photos of girls posing for nude charity calendar leaked

Photos of girls posing for nude charity calendar leaked

Pictures of students from the University of Portsmouth's calendar have ended up on porn websites. The photographs have also been posted on forums where they have been viewed and commented on thousands of times, the Daily Mail reported.

The pictures which went into the calendar were edited to preserve the girls' modesty. But the ones uploaded online are unedited. The calendar features young women in raunchy poses as well as many of the university's male students. Over 150 women and 250 men volunteered for last year's issue.
The calendar, which has raised 10,000 pounds for various charities since 2006, is set to be pulled following complaints of the Hampshire university's women's officer Becky Gardner.

Gardner, 20, claimed to have spoken to 20 women who were devastated after watching their unedited pictures online. "When the girls are told they are doing something for charity this is not the sort of thing you expect to happen. This could be very damaging for their future careers - what if employers happen to stumble across the photos?

"A very serious line has been crossed and the calendar should not continue." Student Rachael Lloyd, 21, who was on the front of the 2011 issue, said: "My first shock was seeing my photo on the front - we were not told where it was going to end up or what it would look like.

"I just did it for charity. No one told me of the risks. Now I am worrying what my future employers will think." Makers of the calendar believe a university student may be responsible for posting the pictures online.