Harangi water surges into houses in Kanive region

Water from canals of Harangi reservoir surging into forest guest house in Kanive region due to lack of maintenance. DH PhotoThe water surged into the forest guest house in Kanive region causing great inconvenience.

The water got clogged around the guest house and has even flown to several other houses in the region.

The troubled residents of the region say that Harangi Reservoir officials were informed about the same but it yielded nothing as the officials did not bother to take necessary action.

Many say that the construction of the canal is not of good quality and it is due to this reason that the water is getting wasted.

The wasted water is flowing into river Kaveri through fields. On one hand, water is being wasted in large quantity and on the other hand, the farmers working in far ends of the catchment area are struggling due to scarcity of water.

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