Shabana Azmi, Priya Dutt bond for a cause

Shabana Azmi, Priya Dutt bond for a cause

Priya Dutt (L) and Shabana Azmi

"This was the fourth phase of our housing scheme. It is the largest rehabilitation project in Asia. And we requested Priya Dutt to hand over the keys. It was quite touching to see us two daughters carrying on the legacy of our fathers," Shabana said.

Shabana chose Priya for this occasion because of their mutual commitment to social  welfare.

"My NGO Nivara Hakk has given 12,000 homes for free to slum dwellers ousted from Borivali National Park. It's tripartite pact among the government of Maharashtra, the private builder Sumer Corporation and Nivara Hakk," Shabana said.

"And it was very nice to have Priya along. She is the MP of the area and shares our vision of what needs to be done for the upgradation of slums. It's a huge project and we wish to build alliances with like minded people like Priya," said the actress.

Shabana received the coveted Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award 2006 for her noteworthy two-decade struggle for slum dwellers through her movement Nivara Hakk.
Known to be an outstanding public speaker, Shabana was impressed by Priya's oratorical  skills. "I heard Priya speak in public for the first time. I was very moved. She sounded as sincere and honest as Dutt saab."
Earlier, Sunil Dutt and Shabana had been jointly involved in various projects in their political and non-political capacities.
Shabana and Priya have, in fact, formed a new bonding of like-minded sisters who are unified in their penchant for social causes that they've inherited from their father Kaifi Azmi and Sunil Dutt, respectively.