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Wearing high heels is special for women

Hang on. Think again. Must every grain, or barrel of sense that comes out of a union be accompanied by such grim joylessness? High heels aren’t what you’d want to wear in a feed factory, or while working as a waitress. They’re not what you’d choose in any job where you have to stand on your feet every day. But to conflate the impracticality of heels with this deep moral disapproval is just the kind of joyless utilitarianism that gets the left such a bad name.

Wearing high heels is one of the great joys of being a woman, just as wearing enormous basketball shoes and oversized jeans appears to be one of the great joys if you’re a skinny teenage boy. That has no appeal to some people, but for others it can be one of the basic pleasures of a day. Offices are dull enough already, full of internal politics and dreary meetings, without also demanding that everyone turn up in practical, serviceable shoes and clothes.

It’s been one of the great mistakes of the left in Britain to confuse equality with sameness, and to think that if we can just eliminate sexual differences in the workplace, the world would be a better, more egalitarian place. Well, it’s nonsense. People’s minds and skills should all be taken seriously, and treated equally, but not at the cost of a sexless uniformity.

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