Lively notes on piano

Lively notes  on piano

Julian began the evening with Waldstein Sonata by Beethoven. This is one among the more popular sonatas from Beethoven's middle period. He moved on to Liebestraum No3 by Liszt, which is in an itinerary form. It begins slowly and catches pace towards the fag end.

 He soon moved on to more lively pieces. Ragamuffin sprightly as the title itself, the piece described a cheeky little ragamuffin. The Equinox, a rather short but agitated piece, described the midsummer storms by the countryside. Valse op18 a waltz by Chopin was playful and lively.

And connected to this was Fantasie Op49 which was a perfect example of the
improvisation skills of Chopin. It had a sombre start, moves through a wide range of emotions and concluded at a triumphant finale.

 Julian closed the evening with Sonata no. 2 Rachmaninoff that began with an agitating first movement which interspersed with notes of tranquillity.
    He paced through stormy notes that sounded rather heroic and triumphant.
Western classical musicians, friends and family were among the audience who raved about this young man’s skill and finesse.

Julian first struck at the piano with piano marathon when he played at the age
of 12, for 12 hours to promote the issue of peace. He has since then performed across the world including the Rotary Young Musicians Concert in Derby and the Mansfield Music Festival and the Trondheim Chamber Music Festival to mention a few.

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