Shedding lethargy

Shedding lethargy

Indeed, nothing irks or vexes a boss more than a lethargic employee who is not prompt in his office submissions and who is perpetually looking for excuses to delay doing the work delegated to him/her.

This laid back employee habitually shirks work and is a bad influence in an office where employees are expected to have `the fire in the belly’ attitude and be adept at doing work fast and accurately. Nothing is more distasteful than when workaholic employees are staying back for overtime with determination writ large on their faces and they have to confront the lazy guy who is thinking of what to wear for the gala office function, playing cards or checking his e-mail.

The shirker of work is an unfocussed individual who is not only not time-conscious and not goal oriented, but tends to daydream, fantasize, indulge in `wool gathering’ and `building castes in the air’ – all with aplomb. Since laziness can be very habit forming, it is essential to usher it out of one’s system – the sooner the better.

How? One may ask. Though all religious texts have deplored lethargic people as being tantamount to destroying the atmosphere created by workaholics, there is very little said on how one can conquer it. One has to psyche one’s self by prayer and autosuggestion.
One must repeat to one’s self, `Focus, focus, focus…….” And one should see to it that one becomes work conscious and not idle, for “an idle mind is a devil’s workshop”.

The fallout of a lazy person’s life can be very disastrous. The following true story decries any form of lethargy. Once there was a man with three grown-up sons who were very lazy and complacent. As the man grew older, he became very worried about the future of his lazy sons, so he devised a plan. When he was old and dying, he told his sons that there was some hidden treasure in the land surrounding their farm house. He told them to dig deep and find the treasure. Subsequently, he died. The three brothers became greedy for the treasure and began digging the fallow land. They did so with hard work and determination as they were keen to enjoy the treasure.A month passed, the land was ploughed and dug up, rains came and the sifting of the soil caused by digging helped the land to be fertile with manure. There was a good harvest, crops grew and were reaped.
The three sons then realized how wise their father was, as because of digging up the earth, they had made the land rich with crop yields – though of course they never found treasure.

So, one should shed one’s lethargy for it is tantamount to wasting one’s valuable and precious life. Always keep in mind the above quote: “Does though love life? Then do not be lazy and squander time, for that is the stuff life is made up of.”

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