Man kills child to frame estranged lover

Man kills child to frame estranged lover

The killer-father was, however caught after a witness told the police that he had seen the former throwing a body in a “nullah” near his residence.

According to police, Nadeem, a resident of Saadatganj locality in the city and a father of four, was having an affair with a woman named Mehnaaz for the past couple of months. Frustrated with Nadeem’s straying, his wife Razia Khatoon had left him a few years back, leaving the children with him.

 Nadeem, a carpenter, had been pressuring Mehnaaz to marry him as he was finding it difficult to look after the children, but the latter had been stalling, police said. In the mean time, Mehnaaz had extracted a lot of money from Nadeem.


About four days back, much to Nadeem’s shock, Mehnaaz told him flatly that she would not marry him. She offered to re-pay the money taken from him.

An infuriated Nadeem threatened her with dire consequences and hatched a conspiracy to teach her a lesson. On Tuesday morning, he strangled his five-year-old daughter Munni as she slept. Nadeem wrapped the child’s body in a plastic bag,  carried it to a nearby canal and dumped it there.

After some passers by reported seeing a  body, he rushed to the spot and wailing, claimed that Munni had been killed by Mehnaaz.

Police arrested Nadeem after a neighbour told them that he had seen Nadeem throwing the body in the nullah. Nadeem admitted to the killing during interrogation. “Love for Mehnaaz had made me blind...she betrayed me and I wanted to see her hanged,” he told the police.

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