Filmi Fundas

Filmi Fundas

Donning a unique look

Known for playing the boy-next-door and romantic roles, Tarun Chandra is all set to break his image in his latest film Naanalla.

With geeky glasses, combed hair and fully buttoned-up shirt and formal pants, one can hardly recognise Tarun in his new look.

This completely new avatar has gotten the actor very excited. “Naanalla will break my lover boy image. Though I hadn’t planned to change my image, I feel my fans will be delighted that I am offering them something new. After completing the movie, I can confidently say that this has been my dream role,” says Tarun.

Working with Dinesh Baboo, he says, has been a learning experience for him. The director was instrumental in helping Tarun go into the character.

“Dinesh was very particular about my look in the movie because my character has different shades. That’s why we personally went to look for the right kind of clothes and even got custom-made glasses to complete the look,” he says.

The biggest challenge was to perfect the character.

“Being a geek in the film, I had to perfect my body language. Especially since the film is a suspense thriller, the audience had to connect with the mysterious element of my character,” he adds.

The film will also see Tarun dubbing for the first time. “In all my previous movies, I never got the chance to dub for my characters. This time I practised hard and finally got over the initial jitters of dubbing. Everything else just fell into place,” he says.

Megha Shenoy

Between the past and present

Vishnuvardhana is set to hit the screens sometime in November. It is not the late Sahasa Simha but a film bearing his name. The title had generated controversy for the same reason. While people scoffed at the cynical attempt to cash in on the star’s popularity after his death, those connected with the project said it had nothing to with the actor.

The cast and crew went ahead with the film. Now, the person looking forward to it the most is its leading lady Priyamani, who says she has played an interesting character in the film. “So what if the film had a bad start? I have been an important part of it and I am sure the audience will love my character in the film,” she says.   

Priyamani says her role is quite different from the typical romantic roles. “It is a performance-oriented one and I really enjoyed acting in the film. It is a different take on life,” she says. Acting with Sudeep was a challenge in itself, she concedes.

Priyamani is now doing a Telugu film titled Kshatram. “It’s a powerful role where the character struggles between the past and the present. I can’t reveal more details about the film but here, the character tries to draw a connection with the past. It has its fair share of glamour too,” she adds.


A foray into Sandalwood

Director Subhash Ghai’s ‘Mukta Arts Ltd’ has ventured into producing their first Kannada movie, Nimbe Huli. Directed by Hemanth Hegde, who had earlier directed the Kannada movie ‘Housefull’ and a Hindi film called Khanna and Iyer, Nimbe Huli is a satire on the sweet and sour experiences of life. “Life is an expert at throwing surprises and my film will tell you how we need to be prepared to expect the unexpected,” says Hemanth, who also plays the lead role.

The movie is already making waves because of its poster. The first poster of the film shows members of the film industry protesting against actress Nikitha.“Through the poster, I wanted to show that this is a mad, mad world. It carried the caricatures of all the things I find funny, including incidents from the film industry. But the Producers’ Association objected to it. On their insistence, I decided to withdraw the posters," says Hemanth.

Comedians Sadhu Kokhila and Bullet Prakash, and veteran actors Dattana and Anupam Kher will be a part of the cast. Komal Jha and Madhurima are the leading ladies.

The hunt is on for a Kannada-speaking actress to play another lead character. Prior to this, ‘Mukta Arts Ltd’ had also produced two Marathi films — Valu, directed by Umesh Kulkarni and Sanai Chaughade, directed by Rajeev Patil. Both the films released in 2008.

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