TEST finds Bandipur roads noisy

Vehicular movement in forest area affecting fauna

 However the report submitted more than six months is gathering dust.
The City based Traffic Engineers and Safety Trainers (TEST) during their survey in the month of March has found that this region is a victim of air, noise and light pollution with the vehicular movement being the culprits.

M N Srihari, Chairman, TEST and traffic advisor to the State Government says that as per the norms, the noise pollution level should not exceed 20 decibels at the forests as well as the national parks, but the noise level along these stretch is between 40 and 45 decibels. “ It is even more during the vacations, which includes week ends, summer vacations, holidays and indeed disturbing the wildlife,” he said.

He said that even the air pollution is high considering the vehicular movement, while the speeding vehicles causes more smoke and is exceeding the emission level in the pristine forest patches.

“We are not comparing it with the City levels, but this kind of emission is high in the forest patches,” he said.

“The carbon monoxide emission has been causing several problems to the human beings, though there is no study of its impact on animals, the wildlife being very sensitive will definitely be affected with this,” he explained.

Heavy vehicles
He pointed out that, on an average 200- 300 vehicles take these road stretches during the day, while  during the night,when the animals are active, it is 15- 30 vehicles per hour. It is a mix of all small, medium and large vehicles during the day, but during the night it is mainly heavy vehicles. 

“The glaring lights of these vehicles are the culprits as these high beam lights coupled with high speed vehicles confuses animals which do not have quick reflexes like human being and will get killed by speed breakers,” explained Srihari.

Ban of vehicles
TEST which has already submitted this report to Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MOEF) has recommended for ban of vehicular movement along this stretch considering the death of the animals.

Srihari said that as alternative route vehicles can take the route through Coorg and the vehicles coming from Bangalore towards Ooty can pass through Coimbatore.
“Initially there might be hitches, but the travellers will get used to it,” he said.   He said that despite the report, no action has been taken so far by MOEF.

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