Forum helps cool club members

Forum helps cool club members

They had paid up amounts ranging from Rs 1,45,000 to Rs 2,20,000 to the Country Club Bangalore and to the Manager Amrutha Estates to become Mr Cool and Mr Super Cool members of these clubs.

They were lured by advertisements put up by them offering Royal Goan Beach Club facilities, complimentary sites, wildlife resort stays, and much more.

After collecting money from all of them, the firms washed their hands off the business deal and left the Mr Cool and Mr Super Cool persons in the lurch. They were unable to get back money when they wanted to return the not so cool membership.

They complained to this forum and its President A M Bennur found both firms guilty. They told this forum that they were willing to give sites to the six members if they paid up extra amounts for various reasons and that the membership money was non refundable.
The forum said that non return of the membership money was devoid of merit.

 “The opposite party is not sure of its own defence and its approach does not seem to be fair and honest,”  the President said and ordered them to refund the amount to each of this complainants at 12 per cent interest along with costs of Rs 1,000 each.

The complaint numbers are: 1687/2008, 459/2009,  468,474 and 500 of 2009. The number of this forum is: 22211137.

Unfair trade practice
Justice K Ramanna, President of the Karnataka State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has ordered Sathya Jyothi PU College to pay up Rs 30,000 as compensation to Sonu M Devda, daughter of Mahaveer Chand Jain for deficient service.
This college was running without affiliation from Bangalore University and had wasted one year of student’s life.

Consumers lose cases
Shivakumar Srinivasaiah complained against a firm called Orange Woods, for selling him a defective sofa but was unable to prove his claim and the II Additional Forum has dismissed his complaint. It has also dismissed a complaint made by V Guna Shekaram against the Medical Director D G Hospital for deficient service.