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The empty space

Geetanjali Shree, translated by Nivedita Menon

Harper Perennial, 2011, pp 240,Rs. 299
A bomb explodes in a university cafe, claiming the lives of 19 students. The story begins with the identification of those 19 dead. The mother who enters the cafe last to identify the 19th body brings home her dead 18-year-old son packed in a box...

A darker Dawn

Rohit Gore
Niyogi, 2011, pp 241,Rs. 395
This book takes us to Amrapur, a small town in Maharashtra, and into the lives of four 12-year-olds who together face the traumas, tribulations and joys of their childhood. However, Amrapur is prey to communal frenzy, which leads to a parting of the four friends...

The best of quest

Edited by Laeeq Futehally, Achal Prabhala & Arshia Sattar
Tranquebar, 2011, pp 660,Rs. 695
Drawn from the pages of the periodical Quest, it features writers famous and obscure, Indian and foreign, Hindu, Muslim, Christian and atheist. They include poets like Agha Shahid Ali and Nissim Ezekiel, sociologists like Ashis Nandy and Sudhir Kakar, polemicists like Dilip Chitre and Hamid Dalwai.

Intriguing india: The alluring north

Hugh and Colleen Gantzer
Niyogi, 2011, pp 169,Rs. 595
This is not a travelogue, or a guide book, or even a retelling of ancient folklore. It is, however, a little bit of all three. The authors describe their experiences in the magical places of India and also uncover many fascinating realities that glitter within our ‘intriguing India’.

Upworldly mobile: behaviour & business skill for the new indian manager

Ranjini Manian
Penguin, 2011, pp 179,Rs. 250
What should you wear when your American colleague invites you to an informal dinner? What is the correct way to address a business associate you are meeting for the first time? This book tells you how to hold your own in the global work environment today.

Human bondage: tracing its roots in india

Lakshmidhar Mishra
Sage, 2011, pp 485,Rs. 1,500
It is an in-depth study of bonded labour with special focus on how the system exists in India. It provides us with a detailed analysis of the historical, social and cultural context in which bondage has developed. It also explores factors like legal framework, policy interventions, solutions and the role of the various stakeholders in tackling this issue.

The politics of belonging in the himalayas

Edited by Joanna Pfaff-Czarnecka Gerard Toffin
Sage, 2011, pp 346,Rs. 850
This volume is an exploration of the various forms of bonds and attachments by which individuals are bounded to their collectivities and localities in the Himalayan regions of India and Nepal. It also analyses different types of societal formations in various historical periods. The book is based on several case studies carried out by anthropologists, political science scholars, historians and geographers.

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