Private hospitals shifting patients

Private hospitals shifting patients

The ground reality is that government hospitals do not have facilities like that of a private specialised hospital, for example RGICD does not have ventilators and ICU at the H1N1 Flu ward. Also the number of people coming for H1N1 screening is in hundreds every day.

A woman who arrived from Davangere was in need of a ventilator and doctors at RGICD had to shift the patient to a private hospital.

Twenty-two-year old patient admitted at St John's Hospital was apparently shifted to
Victoria in the middle of the night.  Eight-year-old girl who is on ventilator was also shifted from St John's to Victoria on Sunday.

Dr George D'Souza, Medical Superintendent, St John's Hospital, said lack of beds could be the possible reason behind the two patients - a 22-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl, both in critical condition - to be shifted to Victoria Hospital.

When asked whether they were shifted because of financial difficulties on the patients' part, Dr D'Souza said, "Affordability could also be an issue as the treatment is very expensive. But really cannot comment on that as I don't know the reason."

Medical Superintendent of Victoria Dr B G Tilak said that patients normally get shifted if he/she cannot afford private hospitals. "I cannot even refuse to admit patients as Victoria is a Government Hospital. I have to make arrangement to admit all patients". said Dr Tilak.