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Vijayalakshmi Kallurkar gave a Hindustani vocal concert at the Sri Raghavendra Swamy Brindavana Sannidhi Trust, Prakashnagara, last week. She learnt music under Patvardhan, Vasanth Kanakapur and Panchakshari Mathigatti and is the wife of Rajgopal Kallurkar, tabala player. She was supported by Adarsh Shenoy and Rupak Kallurkar on tabala and Prashanth on harmonium. Vijayalakshmi opened her programme with a invocatory piece “Sharanara Suratheja” on a bright note. She sang a number of devaranamas of different Haridasas like Purandara Dasaru, Vadirajaru, Vijaya Dasaru, Gopala Dasaru, Kamalesha Vittala. Guru Raghavendrana, Pavana Kaaya, Entha Cheluvage, Nambide Ninna Paada, Kayosri Kamalalaye - with her good voice she sang in a simple manner. With Alap for few compositions, concert level could have been enhanced and made more impactful.

Asthan vidwan
Iskcon had organised a special function last week at the Hare Krishna hill to confer the “Asthan Vidwan” on three eminent musicians - Dr R K  Srikantan, Dr  L Subramanyam and Dr Kadri Gopalanath. The programme began with a divine concert of Dr R K Srikantan.

“Smara Maanasa” with brief raga, was soulful and “Ee pariya sobagava devarali kaane” is a popular Devaranama. “Sripathe” is another fine composition of saint Tyagaraja “Narajanma bandaga”- with meaningful lyrics, suited the occasion very much.
Indeed, age (he will be 90, shortly) has not withered his spirits. 

The whole concert was a rewarding experience, which was also noted for its meaningful diction.

It was a devine music in a serene atmosphere. R S Ramakantha as a consinger, shared the honour while Nalina Mohan, A Renuka Prasad and S Srishyla accompanied on violin,  mridanga and ghata, respectively.

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