Baljit feeling better, to meet surgeon for check-up

Baljit feeling better, to meet surgeon for check-up

Baljit Singh

Baljit, who was successfully operated upon on Tuesday last week, said he was feeling better but his eye remains bandaged.

"I am better than what I was before the operation both physically and mentally but the operated eye is still covered. Finally, my father has also joined me. Inderjit Chadda, my teammate from Indian Oil Corporation, accompanied my father," Baljit said.

Baljit said after being discharged, he went to the hospital on Friday last week.

"After the operation, I was in the recovery room only for a day. After that I have been to the hospital once for dressing on last Friday. I have been asked to meet Dr Robert Morris today," he said.

Baljit said the duration of his stay in Alabama would be decided by the doctors after working out a rehabilitation plan.

"All these things will be decided by the Doctor. I am told that they will check my injured eye. Then the rehabilitation will take place.

"I will go by the doctor's advice. Dr Kiran Rajagopal of AIIMS has been of great help to me. He has been in touch with the doctor and the hospital, holding discussions with them on all matters like recovery period and other things," he said.

Baljit came to Alabama after doctors at the John Hopkins hospital in Baltimore -- where the player had been admitted for his post-operative treatment -- said they could not guarantee full vision.

Dr Morris studied reports of both AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) and John Hopkins.

Baljit was injured in a freak accident when a golf ball, with which he was practicing, sneaked through the visor of his helmet and damaged his eye.