Creating drama with light

Creating drama with light


Creating drama  with light

POINTS OF LIGHT: A floor lamp is a free standing lamp that does not need to be placed on a desk  or a table.

Using the correct lighting fixtures can completely redefine your living space. They are as important to interiors as furniture and furnishings. A floor lamp is just the lighting accessory you need to change the feel of the whole house. It not only enhances the beauty and character of the house but also reflects the personality of its owner.

A floor lamp is a free standing lamp that does not need to be placed on a desk or a table.

Instead, it is supported by a tall base that allows it to reach a certain height. Some floor lamps are height adjustable while there are others which feature eye level or diffused high-level lighting. A floor lamp can hold one light bulb or several. They are often used to deliver local light near an armchair or sofa. Or you can use a halogen floor lamp to accentuate an art.

A smaller floor lamp may just be right to bring attention to a decorative indoor plant. Some floor lamps have a pool of light which cast a stunning interplay of shadow and light when switched on. Up lights can use the ceiling as a large reflector to spread a soft, ambient light across a wide area. This type of lighting creates fewer shadows and is more refined than ambient light from a central ceiling fixture.

Choose your style

Floor lamps are available in many styles to suit your home decor, from traditional to contemporary, from casual to formal. These lamps are made using a variety of materials such as metal, woven fabrics, glass, resin, bamboo wood, etc. They cater to all tastes and styles.

Seema Sharma, from Visage Lights, Delhi says, “There are three main categories in floor lamps. In the contemporary range, the material mostly used is glass with woven fabric as the shade. They may also be acrylic or polycarbonate. There are also floor lamps which can be used outdoors as well as indoors and they are usually made from metal such as steel, aluminium, etc and can be used in gardens or pool side areas too. The Murano glass on the other hand is very intricate. It is made of hand-blown glass, painstakingly handmade by artisans. It is a dying art and considered a family heirloom, magnificent in its beauty. They are traditional and never go out of style.”

Plethora of choices

Mukul Goyal, an interior designer from Delhi says, “Investing in a floor lamp is not a short-term programme. The choice is very subjective and individualistic. There is a trend of multitudes. There is a plethora of choices now available in the market. Floor lamps are now sourced from counties like Italy, Denmark, Germany, China and Malaysia.

Floor lamps have an important role to play in home interiors. They are not small pieces so they do make an impact in the overall look of the interiors. The choices for customers are many but one has to buy according to what looks best in their home interiors. A contemporary floor lamp would be out of place in a traditional décor. One important aspect of a floor lamp is that it should look good even when the lights are not switched on. The lights come into play only in the evenings. Being a larger piece, it should be elegant and beautiful so that it merges with the decor even as a standalone piece. Floor lamps can range from Rs 3,000 and can go up to lakhs. It all depends on what one wants and how much one is willing to pay. What cannot be ignored is its importance in illuminating a home space.”

With so many choices available in the market, a simple home space can be transformed into a cozy, comfortable and chic space just with the use of the right floor lamp. You can opt for unique and modern floor lamps that can bring a little fun into your living space. If you are looking to add a touch of glamour to your living area, you can have a combination of crystal chandelier floor lamp, creating a dramatic effect. You can also have flirty, playful floor lamps with lights in a bunch creating just the right play of light and shadow, transforming the place into a romantic den in the evenings for entertainment.

Focal points

Moroccan glass lights or stained glass floor lamps bring in grace and style to your interiors. Its presence can be a focal point for the room and serve as a piece of substance from which to build the character of the room. A simple and cost effective investment in a tiffany lamp adds a whole new dimension to your home while providing the light you need at dawn and dusk at the same time. Painted with elaborate artwork, their designs are unique. They are a complete scene stealer and are easy conversation starters among guests.

If you need brighter lighting, a halogen floor lamp might be a better choice. A halogen floor lamp can be found to complement any style of furnishing and are more practical to use.

The versatility of these lamps allows them to be used both practically and ornamentally. Floor lamps are great lighting fixtures for any living space. Functional and stylish floor lamps can change the look of home interiors with just the flick of a switch.

They are especially useful if you want to create a cozy atmosphere and make the environment dramatic.

A dull, boring space can shine with style and grace with the use of a single stunning floor lamp. 

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