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A mother’s journey

A family’s happiness knows no bounds when an innocent bundle of joy comes home. Motherhood is an incredible journey. From learning what it takes to be a mother, to the moments of joy and laughter, motherhood brings with itself a fulfilling new stage of life. Fisher-Price introduces you to Tara Sharma’s journey as a new mother. A journey that’s both exciting and rewarding. All this on The Tara Sharma Show — Ek Nayi Maa Ka Safar in association with ‘Mom & Me’ that goes on air from November 5 at 6.30pm on Imagine TV and 9 pm on POGO.

Ek Nayi Maa Ka Safar is a behind-the-scenes view of Tara Sharma’s experiences and adventures as a new mum. The show is informal and full of real-life moments, joys and experiences. Tara not only lets you in on her life as a mother, but also takes you around the world as she travels with her family, from Singapore, to New York to Cape Town. Tara’s celebrity friends drop in for a chat and talk about bringing up their kids in what is a very refreshing take on celebrity-life.

Poking fun at himself

buddies Saif and Preity. From his signature long locks to his present suave persona, Saif has come a long way. Reflecting on his journey on ‘Up, Close and Personal with PZ’, Saif got rather emotional on the long stint he has had in the industry. Speaking on the bad patch in the early part of his career, Saif confessed to host Preity Zinta that he was really insecure at times and even thought that he would be chucked out of the film industry. All we can say is we are rather glad that didn’t happen.

Saif then moved on to speak about how he has lied many a time to get rid of bad movie offers and even confessed that he loves poking fun at himself. The conversation would have been incomplete without a discussion on Kareena. Saif revealed that he would never ask his lady love to ink herself as he thinks women with tattoos are bit of a turn off. Speaking on his kids, he expressed that he thinks his son, Ibrahim, would turn out to be an actor as he’s the one with the looks.

The impromptu scene enactment segment had Preity scaring away Saif in a movie titled Disco Daayan. Tune in to watch the many shades of Saif Ali Khan on ‘Up, Close and Personal with PZ’ on November 5 at 7 pm on UTV Stars.

Tryst with the king

Skillful hunters, violent and terrifying maneaters, but devoted parents. Lions are the most studied of all big cats, yet most of us are only familiar with their hunting behaviour and know little of their intricate life.

Lions are strangely social, the only wild cats to live in family groups. Why is it that they became so social? Animal Planet in its programme ‘The Truth About Lions’ travels beyond the stereotypes, bringing together the work of dozens of scientists and decades of research to offer a completely new perspective on lions’ behaviour and their unique lifestyle.

Jonathan Scott, host of ‘Big Cat Diary’ and an Animal Planet presenter for over 30 years, presents an up-close explanation of the workings of the lions’ pride. With the help of the latest lion research from professor Craig Packer and his team at the Serengeti Lion Project, Jonathan takes a fresh look at the lions he knows so well.
‘The Truth About Lions’ airs on November 6 and 13 at 9 pm.