Anti-greed waves strike Dalal Street

Anti-greed waves strike Dalal Street

Police clamps down on protesters

Police detain a Left-wing activist protesting on Dalal Street, in Mumbai, on Friday. PTI

The lanes going to BSE building had been converted into a no-entry fortress since Friday morning, with heavy police deployment at all the strategic entry-exit points of BSE with barricades put up for checking people’s credentials entering the cordoned ring encircling the stock market building.

Following the clampdown on the agitators, the organisers converted the “Occupy Dalal Street” campaign into a protest demonstration, according to Communist Party of India party worker Uday Chaudhari.

“We will be holding a massive rally on Tuesday at Azad Maidan with trade unions across the ideological spectrum participating in. We have also invited NGOs, progressive groups, student unions and intellectuals to the rally,” Chaudhari informed.

Documentary filmmaker and activist Pravin Nadkar from Indian Federation of Trade Unions (Mumbai) participating in the agitation said that the main reason behind Friday’s protest was to highlight “the nexus between financial speculators and the government at the Centre.

‘Regulate stock market’

“What we want to bring to fore is the fact that the mass protests taking place acrosss the world be it in the US against Wall Street or in North Africa or Pakistan, Israel or in parts of Europe... they are because of the predominance of financial market system which rests on speculation and virtual wealth. It is very important that the stock market is effectively regulated to safeguard the interests of common people and oppose the dominance of foreign interests in the Indian economy and ensure basic welfare rights and job security for people,” Nadkar said.

 Since September 17, thousands of US citizens took to New York streets calling their march “Occupy Wall Street,” against corporate greed, rise in unemployment, inflation and slash in social welfare schemes.