Come, visit this forest at Doddakere!

Come, visit this forest at Doddakere!

The mini forest created at the Dasara exhibition grounds in Mysore. (top) An elephant model displayed inside the forest. DH Photos by Anurag Basavaraj

How many of us long for a piece of greenery and solitude in the middle of the city? Our own green patch, a couple of trees if possible, and some solitude to sink into and...
Well, the list is endless. It is not unnatural for people to long for greenery around them since that is where we all came from. It’s in our DNA to get drawn towards the puzzle, that of a forest.

Well, the reality is, there is a forest, and it happens to be right in the middle of the city too!
This ‘man-made’ forest, at Doddakere or Exhibition grounds as it is known, is being created by Forest Department to create awareness about protecting Mother Nature, a duty of each one of us.


Enter this place and the precision of animal models will leave you stumped. The message rings loud and clear.

Forest is home to us. It taught us how to live, and to hunt our own food, live in a community, get surprised by its myriad elements, countless animals and creatures which co-exist with us etc. Not to forget the sounds they make! Each one among the millions that exist, the sounds are different and distinct. Appearances are mind-boggling too!

The concept

This stall, created by Mysore’s Nirmana Nirantara, conceptualised by Manoj Kumar, sure packs a lot of natural elements. Bumble bees singing their songs, trees creaking, spiky cold breeze -- in all, different sounds of the animals and birds will truly recreate the atmosphere in the forest, making us feel like staying on for a while longer.

After all, it is the same forest that gave us our expressions, whether it is written language in form of poetry, creating paintings or dancing to steal someone’s heart! Adventure came from the animals which learnt to jump and swim, leap and fly.

Life’s essence was found in the forest again! Lines from various poems and literary works praising the forest sure catch the attention and make one feel guilty of having abused this rich resource.