Thai floods pose rail threat

Thai floods pose rail threat

Swirling flood waters forced the residents into frenzied hoarding of food and water as more roads became inundated with water, including Chatuchak, the country’s popular weekend market.

The flood water arrived at the Lat Phrao intersection on the northern edge of the city centre on Friday, leading to the closure of Central Plaza shopping mall.

A Bangkok metro spokesperson said three subway stations were at risk of the swirling waters and may have to be shut down. However, authorities said that the Swarnabhoomi
International Airport would be spared by the floods.

More than 400 people have died while hundreds of thousands have been displaced by the flood waters while several industrial areas have shut down in the outskirts of Bangkok after water deluged the sites.

Noodles, rice, mineral water, UHT milk cartons are fast disappearing from supermarket shelves as worried people stocked up food.

Meanwhile, Thais were told to accept the reality that they will have to continue to live with the floods for at least two more weeks.

The government is to set up a committee to oversee restoration of the country after the flood recedes, Plodprasop Surasawadi, the Science and Technology Minister, said in Bangkok.