A village with a project, but no road

A village with a project, but no road

Road to hell: Filthy mud, slush and menacing dogs mark a road leading nowhere

Where is the road? The road beside the sign indicating implementation of Prime Minister's Rural Road Project in Naduvanahalli in Chikkaballapur taluk. DH photos

Complaints that people’s representatives and officials do not visit the villages is frequently heard. But what is surprising is that Naduvanahalli, a village which is hardly one-and-a-half kilometres away from National Highway 7 there is no proper approach road.


The village is en route on the way to Hunegallu village and has a population of over 300 people. There is not even a name board to indicate the existence of a village.

The road has never been tarred and the existing road has pot holes.  There is no proper drainage system.  Children frequently fall ill in the village which resembles a marshy land.

Since there is no dedicated place for an anganawadi, the anganawadi centre is accommodated in the dark room of a house. Since the room is in a dilapidated condition, it leaks when it rains heavily.

Power problems

“If we try to switch the light, it gives a shock. It is better to teach in darkness than be a victim of electric shock”, says the anganawadi teacher.

“Nobody likes to come to this village because of lack of a proper road”, the villagers say.
The women of this village say that since there is no proper drainage system, water gets into the house. There are weeds growing all around with insects and snakes lurking around. The problem is compounded as there are no street lights.

Futile requests

The villagers have made several representations to the Deputy Commissioner and the legislator but has not borne any result. There is no transportation facilities to the villagers.

Government programmes and schemes have been implemented in the neighbouring village, but this village has not seen the implementation of any programme.