Tower Heist

Tower Heist

Betrayed gang of robbers on the job

The film should ideally be termed as a crime comedy where some amateurs (except one) plan for a robbery to get rid of their own problems.

While they were never destined to do so circumstances leave little option for the Wall Street employees who find themselves cheated by their millionaire boss Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda).

When the workers of an apartment building company come to know of the plan of their boss which seems to deprive them of their pensions, they conspire to rob Shaw of his secret hoard with the aid of one professional criminal (Eddie Murphy) and a bankrupt businessman (Matthew Broderick).

Josh (Ben Stiller), an honest employee of the company is devastated to see the pathetic conditions of the employees of the company and the plan is his brain child.
While Shaw is arrested by the FBI for his deeds and is under house arrest, these fired staff and their aids go on to execute their job. Josh also gets friendly with an FBI agent Claire Denham (Tea Leoni) who helps him out of various tight spots.

Adding to the thrill, the post-interval session push your adrenaline level up with some amazing action when they go for the robbery.

A good blend of action and comedy for people who prefer to go for the combo.