'I am afraid fame will change me': 'Black' girl Ayesha Kapur

'I am afraid fame will change me': 'Black' girl Ayesha Kapur

Ayesha Kapur

The 14-year-old who who will return to the silver screen after a gap of 4 years in Piyush Jha's 'Sikandar' said that acting is her passion, but she is scared that the attention that comes with it, might change her.

"Who says you can't be a star as well as a good actor, I want to be both. I am young but I know that acting is my passion but at the same time I don't want to be taken over by fame. I am just Ayesha for my friends and family and it would be horrible if that changes," the ninth grader told PTI in an interview.

Ayesha who plays a young Kashmiri school girl Nasreen in the film, said that her character is the conscious keeper of Sikandar, the protagonist played by Parzan Dastur in the movie which will release on August 21.

The youngster whose other interests include writing and horse riding says that having spent her entire life in a secluded community in Pondicherry, Bollywood has always bewildered her.

"I have like lived my entire life in a small sheltered community and acting just happened by chance. It was not planned and I went back to my normal life after 'Black'. So being back in the spotlight is slightly weird, giving interviews, making appearances and all that," said Ayesha adding that thankfully she has a friend circle who don't watch many Bollywood films and treat her normally.

"I live in Auroville and so I have friends who are from all over the world, from Italy to Korea. They are really not that into Bollywood, so my acting career has not changed my equation with them and I prefer it that way," said Ayesha who was born to a Indian father and a German mother.

But the young actress sure is ambitious and said that she wants to share the screen once more with her 'Black' co-star Amitabh Bachchan .

"It was great working with him and I aspire to do that again. And also I would love to work with Sonam and Ranbir, because they were assisting Sanjay Leela Bhansali when Black was being made. We had become good friends and I want to act with them one day," said Ayesha.

Even though she is now back in the limelight, Ayesha is not embarking on a signing spree and said that she plans to be picky about her projects.

"I don't think it is the amount of work that matters, I will not be doing too many films and I have not signed anything yet. I also have to concentrate on my studies because that is equally important for me," said Ayesha.

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