Top US General sacked for intemperate remarks against Karzai

Top US General sacked for intemperate remarks against Karzai

Major General Peter Fuller, deputy commander of NATO's mission to train Afghan forces was axed after making "inappropriate public comments", CNN reported quoting US and NATO officials in Afghan capital, Kabul.

He is the second top US general to face the axe, after General Stanley McChrystal, former chief NATO commander in Afghanistan, who was dismissed in June last year after his remarks belittling Obama administration officials in an interview to Rolling Stone magazine.

In the fresh case of indiscretion, Fuller, in an interview published by a news website Politico on Thursday called the Karzai and his team as "corruption plagued" and out of touch with Afghan people.

He also said that, Afghan leaders did not fully recognise the human and financial cost borne by the US administration for Afghanistan and calling them ungrateful of American support.

The General also directly criticised Karzai after his remarks last month that Afghanistan would support Pakistan, if Islamabad went to war with the US.

The top US commander in Afghanistan John Allen was quoted by CNN as saying that, Fuller's comments did not reflect the state of relationship between the international force and Karzai administration.