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Book rack

The templar salvation

Raymond Khoury
Hachette, 2011, pp 469, 295
FBI agent Sean Reilly investigates the kidnapping of Tes Chayking, the price of whose freedom is the secret that lies inside an underground crypt. The secret it holds will reveal the true reason behind the Templars’ extermination, and could even lead to the end of the world.

Dead Man’s Grip
Peter James
Pan Books, 2011, pp 500, 499
After surviving a serious car accident, Carly Chase is given some bad news by Roy Grace of Sussex police: the drivers of the other two vehicles involved in her car accident had been hunted down by a sadistic killer, and she could be next...

The Sealed letter
Emma Donoghue
Picador, 2011, pp 398, 499
Based on the newspaper reports of the 1864 Codrington divorce, the story revolves around a ‘sealed letter’, that could destroy not just a marriage, but also a life (or more).

Ruskin Bond
Penguin, 2011, pp 150, 250
Narrated from young Bond’s perspective and set against the backdrop of 1940s Dehradun, some amusing characters come alive in the fictional tales of this book, making the sleepy town a lot livelier than one would think.

son of hamas
Mosab Hassan Yousef with Ron Brackin
Jaico, 2011, pp 267, 295
Offering insights into a terrorist outfit he was once part of, Yousef speaks of how embracing Christianity helped him move away from the organisation. Having adopted a new way of life, he also discusses the consequences he had to endure as a result of this choice.

Jihad on two fronts: South asia’s unfolding drama
Dilip Hiro
Harper Collins, 2011, pp 420, 699
The nature of the jihadist movement in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the effect it has had on India, have been revealed. Attention has been paid to how the ‘jihadists’ from these regions focus on liberating Kashmir from India, and the fact that such action has further strained the relations between Indian
Muslims and Hindus.

23 Great stories of change: inventive Indians
Edited by Rita and Umesh Anand
NIMBY Books, 2011, pp 257, 350
An anthology of stories collected from six to eight years of Civil Society’s publications. Inventive Indians presents a side of India that does not get reported because of the jumble of priorities that propel big media.

Balasaraswati: her art and life
Douglas M Knight Jr
Tranquebar, 2011, pp 252, 599
A biography of T Balasaraswati, a South Indian dancer and musician, known to be one of the greatest performing artistes of the twentieth century. This could make a great addition to the coffee table.

Take my heart, please!
Gaurav Pandey
Mahaveer Publishers, 2011, pp 176, 125
A love story wrapped around the lives of Pratham, an engineer, and Antima, an aspiring doctor. Though emotions are involved, their story is more about expressions than sentiments. This book follows their love story from the beginning (pratham) to the end (antim).