Tele buzz

Tele buzz

Byte of an apple

Still not over the loss of Steve Jobs? Perhaps you can get some closure, in this special feature being aired tonight on Discovery Channel at 10 pm. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will host the show, which promises to feature some interviews with people whose lives have changed, thanks to Jobs. Drop in to hear what  former Apple employees, executives, journalists, authors, critics, scientists , educators, musicians, filmmakers and designers have to say about how Jobs changed our lives, for better or for worse.

Go younger

Watch the story of Benjamin Button, who was born old and died young. Adapted from Scott Fitzergald’s short story of the same name, see how it would be to feel younger by the day. Follow this drama backwards, and meet Brad Pitt in his full handsome self mid-way through.

A great way to wind down after beating the Monday morning blues. Don’t miss the
Oscar nominated film this Monday night, at 9 pm, on WB channel.

Roughing it with Bear

Tune in to the latest season of Man v. Wild, and follow Bear Grylls, adventure and survival expert, as he pushes himself to the limit, and braves the elements.

Watch Bear scale steep slopes in the Malaysian archipelago, traverse New Zealand’s South Island mountain range, tackle vertical drops in Arizona’s deserts, and survive thorugh Iceland’ blizzards. This season also includes a two-day feature with Hollywood actor, Jake Gyllenhall, who, along with Grylls, explores an Icelandic landscape dotted with mountains, glaciers, and some of Europe’s most active volcanoes. Catch up on Grylls’ whereabouts every night at 9 pm on Discovery Channel.