Mushrooming brick kilns denude forests in Bagepalli

Mushrooming brick kilns denude forests in Bagepalli

Smoke causes severe respiratory disorders

Rampant cutting down of trees has led to widespread deforestation in the region resulting in loss of natural resources. It has also led to drying of water sources in several tanks.

Brick kilns are set up on the water spread area of tanks, as it provides easy access to clay.

Timber variety

A number of trees such as honge, eucalyptus, neem, tamarind and other varieties are used as firewood in the kilns. Every day truckloads of logs are dumped on Chelur Main Road.

The smoke emanating from brick kilns not only affects the environment but also people’s health is hit. A large number of people have complained of suffering from severe respiratory disorders. Widespread deforestation has contributed to rising temperature.

Prevent cutting

The forest department should act soon and ensure that trees are not cut without the requisite permits.

Villagers work in the brick kilns only during the non-agricultural season, i.e the lean period. Owing to rainfall in the past few days, agriculture activities have begun on a brisk note in the taluk.

Therefore, daily wage labourers from Gorantla, Somandepalli, Chilamathur, Penugonda, Hindupur and surrounding villages are employed at brick kilns in the taluk.

Migrant workers from AP

Daily wage workers from Andhra Pradesh begin their work at 7 am and wind up their work at 6 pm.

After the completion of work, they return to their native villages in the neighbouring state only to return the next morning.

Labour charges

The workers who chop firewood, prepare fire and make bricks throughout the day are paid a mere Rs 180 per day.

Of the Rs 180, the workers spend as much as Rs 50 every day on transportation, food and Rs 120 is left at the end of the day.

Despite the low wages people from Andhra Pradesh travel to Bagepalli, as back home they are paid a paltry sum of Rs 120 for the same amount of hard work that they entail, rues Narasimhappa, a daily wage labourer from AP.