Apathy mars Bannanje - Brahmagiri road

Apathy mars Bannanje - Brahmagiri road

The deplorable condition of Bannanje-Brahmagiri road in Udupi. DH photo

On the other hand, the Udupi CMC has not bothered much to repair the road.

The CMC which should have filled the potholes to make the road motorable is waiting for Paryaya mahotsava. All those who have to visit Deputy Commissioner’s and Super intendent of Police  office should use Bannanje-Brahmagiri road. The potholes which were developed during monsoon have become a cause for concern.

The road which leads towards Bannanje has been dug in the middle to give way for an underground drainage system.

The road has also been dug for laying pipeline for water supply. The potholes on the road have become ‘speed breakers’ for the vehicle users, said a road user. Owing to the lack of storm water drains, the road gets filled with water during monsoon.

The officials have been promising of repairing the road before Paryaya Mahotsava. Fortunately or unfortunately, Deputy Commissioner, SP, Zilla Panchayat members use the same road.

The CMC authorities had stated that all the roads will be filled by Paryaya. Even MLA and District-in-Charge Minister Dr V S Acharya have been stating that crores have been sanctioned towards filling the potholes.

“If the CMC waits for rain to subside and Paryaya, then what should the road users do till then?” asks a member of the public.

The CMC President Kiran Kumar said “as the region continues to receive rainfall, we can not take up the work on the road. Favour finish work will be taken up. By Paryaya which will be held in January, all the roads in the city will be asphalted.”