BSNL officers' unions submit contingency plan

BSNL officers' unions submit contingency plan

To ensure smooth running of the company, these unions jointly submitted a contingency plan to the CMD of BSNL two days ago.

In a letter the Sanchar Nigam Executive Association (SNEA), one of the two major officers associations, said that for the maintenance of telecom services, BSNL requires minimum 25 higher administrative grade (equal to DGM rank) level officers and 200 senior administrative grade officers (equal GM rank) in telecom operations segment.
Now 3,300 absorbed STS (senior time scale) officers and 260 junior assistant grade officers are working in BSNL.

SNEA suggested that absorbed group A officers should be promoted to higher grades as per the company’s policy and this process should start immediately after the last date of absorption of ITS (Indian Telecom services) officers on November 8, 2011.

“Immediate action to promote the absorbed officers will definitely encourage those willing to take absorption in BSNL,” said the SNEA note.

It also suggested that the direct recruitment route may be adopted after filling up the posts by promotion as per the company’s policy. It said that direct recruitment at the DGM level should be considered only if sufficient number of senior administrative grade is not available within the organisation.

The Union suggested that there is absolutely no need of direct recruitment at the JAG level since huge number of STS officers with sufficient exposure are available within the organisation.

Talking to Deccan Herald general secretary of All India BSNL Executive Association (AIBSNLEA) Prahlad Rai said that BSNL’s contingency plan, after the departure of ITS officers, should focus on fully exploiting 400 existing direct recruit absorbed group A officers, in addition to more than 3,000 executives in JAG and STS working in different streams.

“More than sufficient officers with huge talent and exposure are available and it is only the question of working out modalities of deployment as quickly as possible,” Rai said.
He is also of the view that the management of BSNL should act quickly and under no circumstances should allow a back door entry of repatriated ITS officers to BSNL. In fact, Rai accused that it is the senior management and inaction on the part of the government on crucial policy issues, that have pushed BSNL to such a state.

The Head of Karnataka chapter of AIBSNLEA, H Y Andheli said: “Around 1600 ITS officers have managed (BSNL for) 11 years on deputation without joining BSNL. It clearly indicates that they do not want responsibility and accountability of the company. However they want job security by continuing in DOT.”