Filmi Fundas

Filmi Fundas

Afraid of tripping on the ramp

Australian supermodel and Hollywood heartthrob Orlando Bloom’s girlfriend, Miranda Kerr says that she is afraid of tripping on the runway while sashaying down in outlandish outfits.
The 26-year-old model, who has starred in advertising campaigns for a popular American lingerie brand and a cosmetic major, says strutting down ‘slippery’ surfaces and posing during the ramp-walk is daunting.
“Every catwalk is different. Sometimes the surfaces are really slippery. Some have glitter that’s a couple of inches thick. It gets all up in your toes. It’s a little bit messy — glitter flying everywhere,” she notes.
The model says that the worst part of her job is that she has to look good all the time, despite extreme weather conditions. “If it rains, we still have to work and that can be miserable. It’s hard to look sexy in the rain,” says Kerr, who was the first Australian model to be offered a contract with the lingerie brand in 2007, replacing Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen.
Earlier this year, the model revealed she was desperate to follow in her boyfriend’s footsteps and try her hand at acting. “If there is a good role that I find interesting, I would definitely try acting. I wouldn’t want to be in one of those cliched roles, but I would do something that would be a little more
interesting,” she adds.

Hogging the spotlight

Women actors are sometimes welcomed on the screen with whistles and hoots. But
recently, Chunky Pandey met with such a reaction. The theatrical promo of the movie Daddy Cool had shown the actor in an underwear, which received seeti from the viewers.
On asking him about this, Chunky said, “In the first few scenes in the movie, I had to wear just an underwear and while watching a movie recently, the promo came on screen. The audiences went completely berserk and there was major whistling. This is not all, because my friends mentioned that the same thing happened in other
theatres too. I feel very obliged at the moment and hope I get the same reaction for the whole movie.”
Well ladies bachhke rehna, because Chunky surely seems to be taking the

RGV fails to recognise Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s ego got a jhatka last week, when he bumped into Ram Gopal Varma at the Bangalore airport.
He walked up to Ramu in the VIP lounge to greet him and the director mistook him for a pesky wannabe actor. Apparently, the film-maker breezily dismissed the cricket captain saying, “Please take  my office number. Drop off your photos there.”
Ramu confesses, “Yes, it’s true. I’m hopelessly ignorant  about cricket. Only after he left, the people with me told me that he is Dhoni. I would like to apologise to him the next time I meet him.”

Full of regrets

Saif Ali Khan has said that he regrets the misunderstanding he had with Shahid Kapoor and Vishal Bhardwaj and that he now wants to make amends. He said he is not going to be disturbed by Kaminey.
“My film has already worked. I don’t want to sound dishonest, I now realise that in the past, I might have made an irresponsible comment of having been offered a role in Kaminey. But the fact is I was not.
 Vishal had just mentioned the film to me. I don’t want it to be a personal battle any longer. We (Saif, Vishal and Shahid) are not friends for obvious reasons.
But I do think Vishal is a fantastic director, and I have only heard good things about Shahid, from others and also from Kareena. He is a strong boy and I wish
him the best. I have learnt early in life that one cannot benefit from someone else’s failure.” 

Cycling all the way

Every one has his or her own way of enjoying the monsoon season. While most prefer to gorge on hot pakodas and sip piping hot tea by the window, the rains spark off a completely different and a very interesting urge in Arshad Warsi.
“Whenever it pours heavily, Arshad loves to go cycling. In fact, he just can’t control himself and has this desperate urge to cycle in the rains,” says a source.
Arshad however makes it a point to keep his face covered lest he be recognised. “Arshad has a top end cycle with gears and all,” adds the source. The actor sure does make cycling in the rain look like great fun.